Ccspayment Reviews 2022: Is a scam or legit?

Is ccspayment a scam or legit? This is the question that ponders in many individuals’ minds. However, in this article, you will be able to deduct if credit collection services are scams or otherwise.

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What is CCSpayment?

Credit Collection Services available on is a debt collection agency that collects outstanding fees from customers on behalf of their creditors. The creditors may be banks or utility companies.

As a debt agency, ccspayment was established in 1969 in Delaware and has it headquarters currently in Norwood, MA. This company is a medium-sized debt collection agency in the US and they have their office at 725 Canton Street, Norwood, Ma.

How Does ccs payment work?

You might be wondering about how these agencies work and what they do. Basically, ccspayment buys your unpaid debts from the original creditor which might be a bank or utility company, at a discounted rate. Once they get these debts, they become empowered and have every right to collect the fees back from you in whatever way they deem fit, including through litigation.

These companies can even sue you if they have exhausted all their means to get the fee from you. However, before they take legal action, they ensure they inform you about your debts through letters and phone calls.

Explicitly, CCS buys debt from other companies and establishments to make profits. They buy these debts for less than half of their original value. Therefore, if you owe $200, the company that you owe might sell the debt to CCS for roughly $100.

Most times, CCS will attempt to receive the full amount owed but they will give you lesser rates if they know you don’t have the power to pay the full amount, however, know that ccs might not offer the best deal, therefore if you are looking for agencies to manage your debts, make in-depth research and try and negotiate with your preferred agency from a position of strength.

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Eventually, if you receive a ccs notice which will appear as  ‘Collections’ on your credit reports accounts, know that they are your debts from the credit collection services. However, note that if you have collections on your credit account, it is very dangerous as your credit score will be damaged for seven years regardless of payment.

Aside from ‘Collections’, it may also show on your credit report under these terms; “ccs collections,” credit collection service,”, “ccs payment,” “ccs credit collection services,” “credit collection services Norwood ma”,  “ccspayment.” ccs USA,” “ccs collection,” or “ccs notice.” Services

Ccspayment offers different services some of which include;

  • Setting up payment plans
  • Collection of debts
  • Enforcing payment
  • Negotiating with creditors
  • Offering legal assistance

What Your Credit Report Will Say When You Receive A CCS Notice

When you get your credit report with a CCS notice, your report will say;

  • A warning has been issued by Credit Control Services and CRM-exempt Debt.
  • Payments made via CCS
  • The Center for Creative Studies has a number of collections.
  • Control system
  • CCS assists with the cost of CCSSpay charging a fee to your credit card
  • If you receive any call from CCS, you are responsible for the debt.

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Should I Negotiate A Settlement or Pay for Credit Collection Services?

If after you have received a ccs notice, you are wondering whether to negotiate a settlement or make a ccspayment, know that regardless of settlement, your credit score won’t get any better. Once your credit report carries ‘collections’, your score will be damaged for seven years even if you eventually pay the debt in full, However, ccs works with debtors who can’t pay their full debts.

In short, it is better to avoid collections on your report by paying upfront. This is because the settlement doesn’t really give the desired result.

How to Remove CCpayment Service Amount?

Contact CCS Customer Service by phone, email, or postal mail to cancel your ccspayment. However, keep in mind that if a collector is already included on your credit report under a different name, customer support would need to contact CCS to confirm that the account actually belongs to them.

If you notice that the company appearing on your credit reports is not a Credit Collection Service, immediately, get in touch with the Credit Bureau that monitors that country and reports the item as false information.

You can also request thorough information from CCS at no cost. However, CCS will not review any dispute provided after a year. But you can rest assured that your complaint will be resolved within 30-60 days after CCS receives the information if you report early enough.

To reach CCSpayment Customer  Service;

Address: 725 Canton Street, Norwood, MA


Call: 800-516-0578

Besides this, the best method to deal with a Credit Collection Service on your credit report is to work with a professional credit repair service. This is because, most times, calling their customer service doesn’t make a difference.

Sometimes, making payment on the collection account turns the table. Therefore, instead of improving your credit, it makes it worse. This is why consulting a professional credit repair service will do you good!

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Is Ccspayment Service a scam or not?

According to the Better Business Bureau, Credit Collection Services is a legitimate business that deals with accounts receivables. This company is a legitimate debt collection agency and has been in business since 1969.

CCS has been in operating for over forty years in the United States and works with 250 different law enforcement agencies across 48 states. Therefore, you can rest assured that this company is legit, real and has legal backing.

 If you are a small-sized business firm or hospital or an ordinary individual, you can approach any ccspayment agency to recover your debts for you. However, if you don’t pay your bills as and when due, they will ensure they get their fees back even if they have to charge you to court.

Despite its illustrious history, CCS has been heavily charged by the BBB for incorrect reporting to credit bureaus. Aside from that, there are many fake accounts so you have to be extra careful while consulting one online.

In all, is legit. However, before making any payment ensure that the debts that appeared on your credit report are actually yours. If it is not, remove it with the help of experts.

Tips on How To deal with Credit Collection Services (

●     Record all Phone Calls: if you must deal with a debt collection agency on the phone, ensure you always record every one of your conversations.

●     You can Validate an Alleged Debt: if you are sure that the ccs notice sent to you is not yours, you have the right to send a collection agency a debt validation letter. By law, they have 30 days to prove that the debt sent is yours and that the total amount is accurate.

●     Don’t Negotiate a settlement Yourself:  try as much as you can to avoid a collection account because as stated earlier, once a collection account is reflected on your credit report, it will damage your score for seven years even if you make payments.

●     Don’t Ignore them: as much as you are sure that some ccs notices are not meant for you, don’t ignore their notifications. Rather, ensure to address all notifications addressed to you and make clarifications when necessary. Ignoring these CCS companies will only put you at risk of a possible lawsuit.

Scammed? Do this!

Getting scammed by ccspayment service is predictable due to the wide range of agencies available. However, if you have fallen into the hands of these scammers, here are some things to do.

Contact your bank and file a complaint. Give details of the scammers if you have any and ensure you send screenshots of payments made to them. After that, request for a new debit card if you paid using your credit card.

If you used Paypal as a method of payment, make sure you document the transactions for future purposes. In all, as much as the credit collection services ccspayment is made easy due to digitalization, one ought to be careful when paying payments online to avoid the risk of overcharged fees and particularly hacked credit cards.

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