Child Care Subsidies: All That You Need To Know

Child Care subsidies are a blessing to all low-income parents. Bringing up a child requires more than just love and morals. It involves a lot of costs which may be overwhelming for parents who themselves are struggling to make a living.

However, good news! Child Care Subsidy is a way to help your child grow well and with the right care. CCS is basically a child assistance program that offers financial aid to working parents to help with the expenses of their child care.

Therefore, if you are a low income earner, struggling to give your children the lives they deserve, enrolling for a child care subsidy will go a long way in improving your livelihood. With this fund, you don’t have to worry about your children well-being, public funds would cover up.

In this article, you will get to know more about the Child care services, ccs payment processing centre, ccs payment solutions and more.

Read along as we go in details.

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Basically, childcare subsidy is a finnacial assistance that cover the cost of child care. Over the years, this childcare program has proven to be effective as it has increased maternal employment for families with low incomes. Aside from that, it also increases your employment chances if you are a single mother.

This is because when you receive child subsidy you tend to work more hours and have a more standard work schedule. You get to have more time for yourself as you can continue schooling, pick up more paying jobs and live a comfortable life.

If you are a mother or parents that receive child are subsidies, unlike other parents, you will be allowed to pay less for child care than parents who are not receiving subsidies. This program is a health and comfortable one that is designed to reduce child poverty and to ensure that low-income parents are living a comfortable life.

However, it is important to know that to get child care subsidies, you must be eligible . let’s check out the eligibility criteria.

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Full Requirement to Get Child Care Subsidy

You will become eligible if you or your spouse meet the following requirements;

  • Care for a child younger or is 13 and is not attending secondary school.
  • Use a government approved child care service.
  • Be responsible for the child’s child care fees and other expenses.
  • Meet immunisation and residency requirements.

Note that if your child attends a secondary school you may be eligible for CCS payment  if they are under 13 or below or 14 to 18 with disabilities.

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However, in these circumstances, you must be able to prove why your child can’t be unsupervised. This may also  include providing evidence of your kid’s disability if he/she has one. These aforementioned are the eligibility criteria for child care subsidy.

Extra support

In some cases some families can get additional child care subsidy. There are three types of these additional child care subsidy that you can apply for if you are either;

  • Experiencing a temporary financial hardship
  • a grandparent
  • Transitioning to work

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