Pay your Texas Roadhouse Bills Online: See How here!

The new Texas Roadhouse Payments methods are the definition of ease as they give customers a contactless way to pay for their meals. Aside from that, it provides customers with the liberty to scan, pay and go with ease without having to bother about payment queues or order confirmation.

Right time, payment has been a big issue most restaurant face due to the analogue method used in inputting payment. However, with the new NCR payment methods, payment has been made faster, easier and accessible to all.

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Texas Roadhouse is an American steakhouse that is centred on the sales of steaks in a Texan and southwestern cuisine style. Thus, it is a branch of Texas Roadhouse Inc which has it headquarters located in Louiseville, Kentucky.

Moreover, the restaurant operates in over 666 locations and is famously known for its free peanuts at each table along with free fresh-baked bread with honey cinnamon butter. What the restaurant offers, made it a popular choice for many. Aside from that, they also offer one of the best food menus with excellent customer service.

However, over the years, payments have been an issue for the company as the delay caused by payment confirmation has led to a reduction in the number of their customers. This then led the restaurant to adopt a new payment system, one that most restaurants in the US are new to the Texas Roadhouse Payment system.

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Texas Roadhouse which doubles as one of America’s largest steakhouse chains launched this payment system to allow customers to pay their bills by using a tablet at their table. At first, when the system was launched, customers find it hard to navigate. But now, the vast majority of customers who used the system said they loved it.

With this payment method, customers can enjoy contact-free ordering and payment. That is, they can order without touching the menu and make payment without even seeing or touching a receipt. Isn’t that amazing?

Aside from that, the faster payment process has trimmed down five minutes of table turns and has given customers more control over their dining experience at the restaurant. Roadhouse pay also saves time not only for customers but for workers as well because they don’t have to run back and forth with the bills. They can easily use that extra time to attend to other pressing issues.

Therefore, if you looking forward to visiting the restaurant, you can rest assured that you will be greatly satisfied not only with their food but their payment system. Payments will become easier for you as all you need do is use their QR codes to view the menu and pay via their texas roadhouse app.

Texas Roadhouse Mobile Payment

NCR mobile pay is a QR-code and text message-based restaurant mobile payment solution for dine-in and curbside pickup at restaurants.  It is a fully integrated option that provides clients with an amazing experience as it puts the power of payment solely in the hands of the customer.

This payment is done through the texas roadhouse app built on the Aloha platform,  a platform that enables your customers to scan, pay and go with no stress. Let’s check out some of the advantages of the app.

●      Prepare and plan for the Future of Payments: the NCR mobile pay method positions the restaurant well for the future as Forbes has predicted that in 2026, 59% of American consumers will be digital natives and they will use mobile payment more than the present generation.
●      Offers a Contactless Payment Experience: NCR payments are made easier with no physical contact. Customers pay and tip waiters if they wish to use their own mobile devices. Therefore, they do not need to hand their credit cards to a server or touch a payment device.

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●      Improves Tips: The texas roadhouse app automatically prompts customers to tip 20% which enables the waiters and other staff to make more money.
●      Increase Speed of Service: initially, the texas roadhouse accepts cash and credit card payments but over the years, these payment methods have proven to be time-consuming. In a situation where there is enormous orders, the payment system also makes it difficult for customers to confirm their orders. However, the introduction of the NCR mobile pay enables your staff to turn tables fasters during peak days and also saves customers the stress of having to confirm their orders.
●      Reduce Potential Credit Card Fraud: when you adopt the NCR Payments and the NCR mobile pay,  you automatically gain added security with address verification service and CVV verification. With these, you are exposed to fewer fraudulent schemes.          
Key Features of the Texas Roadhouse App on Aloha
●      QR Code Payments: Your customers can visit the mobile website,, more quickly by scanning a QR code or clicking a link in a text message.
●      Text-to-Pay: Make payments easier for call-in-order by sending your customer a test with a link to pay for their orders before their pickup.
●      Digital Receipts: collates important customer information as your customer input their email addresses to automatically help generate their digital receipt once their bills are settled.
●      Saved Credit Cards: customers can quickly use the cards they’ve saved in their browser to speed up card entry.
●      Loyalty & Stored Value: If you have both the app Stored Value and Loyalty subscriptions, you can allow your customers to earn and redeem loyalty benefits as well as pay with gift cards.

Texas Roadhouse Order Online Process

NCR payments can be done in two ways; you can either use the NCR Mobile Pay or the texas roadhouse app.

Texas Roadhouse Mobile Payments

To make payments through, just follow these simple steps below;

  • Visit from your phone browser.
  • You will be requested to provide a 6-digit code. This, you will find on your check.
  • Input the digits and click on the view Check button.
  • It will bring out your payment details.
  • Then you can easily make payments via your credit card.

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Texas Roadhouse Payment Using the Texas Roadhouse app

For your roadhouse pay, you can easily use the texas roadhouse app built on the Aloha platform. To make a payment using this method, follow the steps below:

●      Scan: scan the QR code provided on your payment Check. Immediately, the NCR mobile pay will provide you with all your payment details for review.
●      Pay: A ‘Pay’ icon will appear, click on it and make your payment seamlessly. Tipping is easy as well with this payment method as the suggested gratuity percentage will appear. Then you can choose to add a tip or not.
●      GO: after making payment, your receipt will be emailed to you immediately.

Benefits of Paying Via Texas Roadhouse QR Codes

The Texas Roadhouse touch-free payment method is a unique payment method that delivers a new and cosy customer experience to customers and the company. Using this method is stress-free and has several advantages, some of which are;

  • Contactless experience
  • NCR Mobile pay for Aloha
  • Makes payment fast, easy and seamless
  • Servers get higher tips
  • Customers can scan, pay and go
  • Reduces workload on the servers and other staff.

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